Data & Telecommunication Centers

HVAC systems for Data Centers must be designed specifically for each client. Some of the key planning includes the following:

  • Cooling systems must meet the cooling load of the equipment and building infrastructure.
  • Cooling should be oversized to accommodate for humidity, redundancy and future growth.
  • Both humidity and room temperature should be managed in compliance with the equipment installed.
  • Maintenance must follow all OEM guidelines in terms of frequency, parts and materials.
  • Cooling towers must be in a secured location and maintained to factory guidelines.
  • Towers should be designed with redundancy and installed to eliminate a single point of failure.
  • Pump Systems must also be located in a secure location and follow the same procedures as cooling towers.
  • In raised floor facilities constant air pressure must be maintained at all times.
  • A documented process for monitoring these HVAC systems must be put in place, managed from a central station and backed up with remote access in order to alert staff of system failures.
  • Establishing a planned maintenance program is strongly suggested for this market.