Pharmaceutical Production

The design of HVAC and climate control systems should be included at the concept design phase of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. The importance of having a proper system will ensure the facility delivers the highest quality products. Pharmaceutical production generally requires strict control of temperature, humidity and dew point control to protect sensitive processes and equipment. In addition, the right climate control decisions will help prevent contamination and cross-contamination and allow the facility to deliver safe products.

Some of the critical decisions that need to be made when retrofitting HVAC systems in a pharmaceutical plant include air change rates, room pressure, location of air terminals, equipment movement and control of outside air. Air filtration is critical for maintaining a clean production environment and that requires following OEM guidelines for the filtration process and design. The Lor-Mar team understands the requirements for a reliable climate control system, and we have the experience to retrofit facilities quickly preventing expensive production down time.

One option for mitigating costs is to include a lighting control system. This system automatically turns lights off as spaces are emptied and whole spaces can be turned off as they empty throughout the day. Building automation can also marry the HVAC system to activate and sleep as spaces are emptied. When we are retrofitting hospitals, we use every technology available to conserve energy without impacting air change rates and patient safety.