Large Retail Facilities

Large retail stores and multi-use retail locations present maintenance challenges. Free standing stores generally have lots of windows and doors that open and close regularly. Some stores carry a wide variety of products requiring variable heating and cooling loads. If the store serves food special ventilation may be required and extensive lighting produces more heat. The products sold can also present HVAC challenges. Stores selling clothing and other fabrics generate significant amounts of fiber in the air. This fiber flows throughout the store and can result in heating and cooling failures.

Lor-Mar provides large retail stores with maintenance programs to fit the specific needs of each facility. Some of the common maintenance items include:

  • Change Filters Frequently
  • Clean Coils
  • Clean Drain Lines and Pans
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Inspect Electrical Components and Connections
  • Lubricate Motors, Bearings and Other Moving Parts
  • Inspect All Controls
  • Verify Proper Air Flow

When retailer’s experience HVAC failures it will affect customer traffic and sales. Lor-Mar has the team and experience to help prevent business interruption.