Indoor Arenas and Venues

Sports arenas host a number of different events switching quickly from ice hockey to basketball to musical events. Each of these event changes require large capacity HVAC mechanical systems. High efficiency gas heaters are necessary for the large arenas and hockey venues. Infrared heating systems are often found in indoor soccer stadiums and tennis/track venues. Hardwood floors in basketball arenas must be kept within very strict humidity levels to prevent buckling and other damage. Outside air must be strictly controlled to prevent carbon dioxide build-up. Dehumidification is critical to maintaining indoor ice rinks.

Lor-Mar offers a wide range of planned maintenance programs that support the needs of indoor arenas and venues. We provide our technicians with ongoing training to make certain they can help our clients with the most up to date technology. We devote considerable time to educating our team on health and safety standards to prevent bacteria from compromising mechanical systems. Our goal is to prevent HVAC system failures and keep events on schedule.