Service Capabilities

We can incorporate state of the art non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques in your maintenance program to identify potential equipment problems before they result in costly and disruptive equipment failures. Those non-destructive tests can include:

  • Vibration Testing of Rotating Equipment
  • Infra-Red Thermography of High Amperage Switch Gear
  • Oil & Flue Gas Analysis
  • Eddy Current Testing of Heat Exchanger Tubes
  • Meg-Ohm Testing (“Meggering”) of Motor Insulation Integrity on Large Horsepower Motors and Compressors

For facilities with a Building Automation System (BAS), chillers, boilers, cooling towers, pumps, air handling units, packaged roof top units, split systems or other mission critical mechanical HVAC equipment, Lor-Mar can:

  • Keep it Running Reliably
  • Maximize Equipment Life
  • Minimize Energy Consumption
  • Reduce System Downtime with 24/7/365 Service

In addition, our team can provide support and solutions for:

  • Design and Build Project Coordination
  • Equipment Retrofit and Replacement
  • Retubing
  • Test and Balance Services
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Valve Rebuilding
  • Water Treatment

Give us a call at (856) 662-5151 to learn more about how we are the mechanical contractor of choice for commercial, industrial, and institutional needs.