Water Cooled Chillers

A common part of many commercial/industrial HVAC systems includes selecting the right chiller for your business. There are three main types of chillers available but the most energy efficient and durable is a water-cooled system.

We are experts at maintaining and retrofitting HVAC equipment, and we are also strong proponents for implementing the right maintenance program for clients. For chillers operating 200 hours per month or more, a monthly operating inspection and leak test by a trained service technician is essential to ensure uninterrupted & efficient operation . Additionally, in order to keep your system at peak operating efficiency and to prolong heat exchanger tube life, a comprehensive water treatment program combined with annual cleaning of condenser tube surfaces is essential to remove build-ups that can interfere with heat transfer and result in corrosion of heat exchanger tubes. Chiller tubes can become clogged with mineral scale, contaminants, and biological growth. Making sure your water quality is contaminant free will increase the overall efficiency of your chiller as well as extend its useful life.

Open cooling tower systems are the most problematic and corrosion present the most common problem. We can develop a solution for the right water treatment application which could include chemical, magnetic, or ozonation applications. Restricted pipes inhibit proper heat transfer at the chiller and cooling coils. An incorrect water treatment formula can damage the tubes and lead to unnecessary repairs. Once we have formulated the chemical treatment solution the system must be tested regularly to maintain optimal levels. A good water treatment program combined with regular tube cleaning and periodic eddy current testing of heat exchanger tubes to detect potential pitting and corrosion that could result in tube leakage and a catastrophic failure are all parts of a comprehensive maintenance program that Lor-Mar can provide.

Properly planned maintenance programs will help extend the life of your equipment and allow us to give each client guidance on optimal operating performance. We are available 24/7/365 for all clients and our goal is to help you avoid surprise equipment failures.